Olivefaced Organization-Position - Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer

Come home

Today, the raging is a large forest fire near here. My husband is a firefighter there and fighting and I have onti stomach when I think of everyone's safety. Thankfully all the firefighters here have a lone worker alarm that allows me to follow my husband via his GPS Coordinates The. That way I can look at his moves and lives. And if he is in danger, he can quickly alert us by his bracelet. But of course I worry about them still and wait until he is at home here again with us in the family.

My friends castle

A friend of mine owns a chateau in France. It's huge actually! I've been there a couple of times to visit him and I got to say that it's great. The castle is places at a perfect location so you have a great view of the landscape. But I talked to him last week and asked him if me and my wife could stay there for a week this summer. And he said that there was no problem at all with that. So I'm really looking forward to staying there. It's going to be great!

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Of course, it happened again. Today was a nice sunny day and my husband even had the day off. That means lots of activities with the kids, which they love. They worked in the garden, went to buy a tyre and then put it on the bicycle, went cycling and after that they played football in the garden That's where it went wrong. He always has hurting knees after having played football. This time there was no precise excuse, so apparently the grass was fine, his shoes were not the cause either and he did not fall.

Mysigaste katten

Nu är de verkligen dags för mig att mysa lite med lilla smootie. Var ju någon timme sen så nu är de allt dags. Smootie är ju min kattunge som är så sjukt gullig. Han bara springer runt och ska alltid vara där jag är så de är jätte mysigt faktiskt att kunna vara med han på kvällarna när man kanske inte har allt för mycket att göra och bara kan ta de lite chill så där liksom. En sak är ju verkligen säker och de är att jag vet inte vad jag hade gjort om han försvann. Hade ju ...